Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Smallest Contributions

 Jordan McFadden has been a part of the ASC family since November of 2011. As a Political Science student at UNCG he offers his great knowledge of on-going events throughout the world and an avid interest in learning. He works closely with the Job Developer to strengthen relationships with employers and prepare refugees for the world of work in the United States. Check back for more from Jordan and others here at NC African Services Coalition.

The Smallest Contributions

I have worked as an intern at ASC for three months so far. A noteworthy instance in particular that has stuck with me began rather innocuously with a simple job development task.  My boss asked me to take three clients (and a photographer/journalist from UNC-Chapel Hill) to a nearby hotel to fill out applications and hopefully meet with the management for an interview.  This was a unique assignment due to the fact that we had no previous experience or placements with the hotel, and only one of the three clients had a good grasp of conversational English.

That day both the photographer and I sat along-side these clients, making sure that each client filled out the applications correctly and understood every step of the process completely. The manager was on duty and agreed to interview each client for a housekeeping position as they finished up their applications.  By the time each client went through their private interview, the manager explained that not only was he interested in bringing on each of the applicants, but also building a close relationship with our organization.

By the start of the week, the hotel has graciously interviewed additional clients, that are now making their way through the final stages of the employment process.  I couldn't possibly articulate the sense of humility I have gained through this experience. Even the smallest of contributions can bring those who are striving for gainful employment so much closer to self-sufficiency in the United States.

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